In current fitness scenario, there are thousands of brands for protein to choose. You will surely get confused about which one to buy. Well, in this article, the protein powders are not chosen on the basis of their price or company, instead we categorized them on the basis of the quality. So, here are top 3 protein powders of all time.

1. 1UP Nutrition

Some of the best athletes and fitness icons are linked with this brand. Why? because they provide quality over quantity. These protein powders comes in about 6 different tastes and all of them are extremely tasty! However you can only buy their products from their website only and they provide free shipping to U.S.A. They also provide protein powder from which you can cook another dishes like protein smoothie etc. without changing the protein absorption. You can read their customer reviews by clicking here.

2. BPI Sports

BPI provides you with high quality formulas, ingredients, and supplement panels that without argument, are among the best in the industry. They don’t just only provides you their products but they give you the plan in order to understand the consuming process as well. They have one of the best customer service and are available for 24/7 . The main problem is to find the genuine product since there are many make products available by the name of this brand! Here is a list of some genuine products from BPI, make sure to check them out!

3. Optimum Nutrition

Who doesn’t know about this brand? It’s everywhere in the market. But what many people don’t know is that the ON products in Indian Market are 78% fake! It’s because many people uses name of this amazing brand and sell their fake products. So how can you find the genuine product? The company provides a STORE LOCATOR which helps you find the trusted places where you can buy their products. I myself recommend this product since it is best example of “value for money”. Some of the best products of Optimum Nutrition are:


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