We all know some couples that seem to have the perfect relationship. Many people are quick to point out that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but the definition of perfect is ‘having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics’, which just means being the best that it can be. It is the type of relationship that most people strive for but fail to achieve.

An ideal relationship is fun and fulfilling. There are numerous qualities of this sort of relationship that unfortunate connections simply don’t have. It’s important to note that if you falter on just one important characteristic of a healthy relationship, then the rest can be affected as well.

India isn’t a simple place to be single. When you are 25, individuals surrounding you are shouting marriage. Individuals who have lost a mate don’t fit into get-togethers. Numerous widows uncover they can’t stick around other wedded ladies since they are not open to having them around.

Problems Indian Relationships face

Fault Finding

Fault finding - Problems indian relationships face

We all have flaws. There is no way around that. The perfect partner is not a person without flaws, but a person with whom the flaws can be managed. You need to be forgiving of each other in a relationship but that requires patience. When life gets stressful it’s easy to forget to be patient and forgiving and to become demanding. At that stage the flaws can amplify and people can start to find fault with each other.

This can be a destructive cycle if it is not arrested and overcome.

When you blame others, 

you give up your power to change.

Lack Of Space

lack of space - Problems Indian relationships face

If you are in each other’s pocket all the time and don’t have enough time alone to do your own thing. You each need to maintain a degree of freedom and independence and time to pursue your own interests. If you are with each other 24/7 you can start to grate and get on each other’s nerves.

Find the healthy balance between quality time and an appropriate amount of space.

The greatest gift you can give someone 

is the space to be his or her, 

without the threat of you leaving.


Boredom - Problems Indian relationships face

Maybe the relationship is just no longer stimulating for one or both partners. That might be a compatibility issue where you are better off apart. Or perhaps it is because several of the deeper underlying issues were not addressed and you both slowly drifted apart.If you are no longer talking to one another, not out of spite, but because there is nothing interesting to say then you are growing apart.

The connection as best friends, that every relationship needs, just isn’t there. You aren’t interested in her life and she isn’t interested in yours. There are no shared interests or hobbies. Conversation has just fallen flat.

Remember that some people treat relationships 

as video games. First they play them

and when they get bored they cheat!

Inability To Grow Together

You aren’t going to be the same person in 5, 10 or 20 years as you are now. Neither is your girl. Independently of each other you are going to be doing a lot of growing and changing. But you will also do a lot of growing and changing together as a couple. A lot of this will overlap with your personal changes, but not all of it.

If you want to keep your life paths pointing in the same direction so you can continue to walk side by side you need to find a way to grow that is compatible with each other. If you don’t the relationship will most likely fail.

Remember that love is about growing 

together as a couple, learning about 

each other and not giving up.

Lack Of Friendship Within The Relationship

Friendship - Problems Indian relationships face

You can’t just be friends and have no sexual spark. But if all you have got is sexual attraction but no friendship then it’s unlikely your relationship will go the distance. Make time and put in the effort to build your friendship. Take an interest in each other’s pursuits. There will come a time where you will need the friendship to pull you through a tough period and if it isn’t there the relationship will struggle to survive.

Remember that relationships are always

stronger when you are 

best-friends first and a couple second.

Lack of Trust

lack of trust -Problems Indian relationships face

This isn’t only an absence of trust around staying steadfast, it is greater than that. A relationship is a sentimental partnership and you need to know that your partner has your back. You have to realize that they are paying special attention to you, that they care about you and that they will compromise and make sacrifices within reason.

Relationships can start to break down when it becomes clear that each partner starts looking out for only themselves. They never put the relationship first.

This creates an environment where neither has any faith that the other will do the right thing by the relationship. Cheating is a symptom of this, but there is a deeper cause.

Remember that relationships are about trust.

If you have to play detective,

then it’s time to move on.

Money Problems

Money can be a major area of conflict in a relationship. But as long as you communicate and are clear about your expectations you can find a way to make it work. If everything else is working well then money isn’t going to cause a relationship to self destruct.

However, if everything else is not fine and dandy this surface issue can become a huge problem that drives a wedge between a couple.

Remember that money may not buy you love,

but fighting about it

will bankrupt your relationship.


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