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‘The rules of life’ is a book that gives you practical guidance to live a more harmonious life.

Richard Templar passes on his life experience regarding oneself, having a partner, friends and family, and the world, through a hundred practical ‘rules’. THE RULES OF LIFE book is full of hands-on advice grown out of Templar’s personal challenges and observation of life. Richard Templar doesn’t pretend to be perfect; he simply gives you a few useful tools for life that he’s picked on the way.



You’ll get older but not necessarily wiser.

“Be kind to yourself when you do muck things up. Be forgiving and accept that it’s all part of that growing older but no wiser routine… Wisdom isn’t about not making mistakes, but about learning to escape afterwards with our dignity and sanity intact.” – RULE NUMBER 2

You are not in charge.

“Sorry if this comes as a shock but you’re not, no matter how much you want to be, no matter how much you think you are, no matter how much you deserve to be… Once you get your head around the wonderful concept that you are here to enjoy and not here to run things, then you are free to sit in the sunshine a bit more often, take time off.” – RULE NUMBER 47

Change what you can change, let go of the rest.

“The only definite influence we have is over ourselves. The only thing we can really, really change is exactly that – ourselves. Wonderful. What an opportunity to do some good. What a chance to make a real contribution. Begin with ourselves and let it spread outwards.” – RULE NUMBER 16

You’ll never understand everything.

“People will behave oddly and you won’t understand why. Things will go unexpectedly wrong – or right – and it won’t make sense. Spend all your time desperately trying to work it all out and you’ll drive yourself crazy… People don’t always make sense. Life doesn’t always make sense. Let it go and discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll never understand everything. Sometimes it just is.” – RULE NUMBER 34

Be for the glory, not the degradation.

“We can work for the glory of humankind or we can try to bring it all crashing down… Anything that makes us more that we are, makes us strive for perfection, improves us, challenges us, excites us in a good way, makes us rise above our base nature and brings us out into the sunshine is for the glory.” – RULE NUMBER 94

One of the best rule according to me is “touch base” because it reminds me to remember who I am all over again. All the rules help me to be a better person, while reminding me that it’s okay not to be perfect. Thousands of people changed their life by reading this book. Change the way you think and understand what life is all about. How ever there are some other books that can help you for self development and you can read about them here!

Whenever life gets me down and I need borrowed wisdom because what little I have has all run out, I turn to Richard Templar’s “The Rules of Life”. There are 100 rules in total, all of them good. Make sure you read this book once! You can also read about the famous book – “RICH DAD POOR DAD”.


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